ATSG Advantage Warranty Program

The ATSG "ADVANTAGE" Warranty will allow
customers whose transmissions have been
rebuilt by ATSG Warranty Members, to have
any problems encountered with the original
rebuild, corrected free of charge to the
customer, and billed to the originating
Warrantor Shop.

  • 3 years or 36 thousand miles**     
Standard rebuild Warranty
  • 12 month unlimited miles*
Clutch replacement warranty
  • 18 month 18 thousand miles*  
Specialty rebuilds warranty
  • 3 year 100 thousand miles*     
Most factory rebuilds Warranty
* Whichever occurs first

    * Whichever occurs first
    **Our standard limited warranty
We can help,
our initial diagnostics
are free. This includes a
computer scan, road

Vehicle check of the
major vehicle systems
is available.
Call for details
Transmission clutch replacement

After verifying customer concerns Standard Transmissions and clutch
diagnostics include any or all of the following; checking for noise, for proper
operation, gear clash, stiff shifting, clutch pedal height and feel,  slippage,
fluid levels-condition, and visual inspection
Where possible when replacing a clutch we resurface every flywheel at no
charge! This is a great value you wont likely find anywhere else.
Most shops charge $100.00 or more for this service.
We can help you with most nationally recognized warranties

  •   We are a preferred vendor for the CarMax (Max Care)
  •   Geico
  •   Members Choice
  •   Wynns
  •   Ryan
  •   Guardian
  •   National Car Care   
           We also honor most warranties issued by banks and credit unions

    Most new car warranty work must be performed at the dealer. If
    you’re warranty states that you can take it to a garage of your
    choice we can help. Please be aware, not all extended warranties
    perform the same. Most warranties will not pay for fluids, filters,
    external seals, tax, shop supplies or hazard materials handling
    charges, or any thing maintenance related.  Please read and
    understand your warranty and have any maintenance records
    available should they be required.

Decision time

There are several different options when deciding what to do when faced
with major Auto repairs. Obviously the cost of the repairs, down time,
personal finances, age and service life of the vehicle should be considered
when making these decisions.

CUSTOM REBUILT TRANSMISSIONS, rebuilt  in our shop are the most
common, cost effective way of  bringing your vehicle back in service. We
use only name brand trusted parts and have the ability to adjust the
performance of the transmission to prevent repeat failures. Most of our
custom rebuilt transmissions come with a 1 year unlimited mile “ATSG”
warranty. In most cases extended warranties can be purchased  for 2/24
and 3/36 periods.

transmissions from many different sources. Dealers and vendors that offer
various warranties for their product. The performance of these warranties
vary and should be considered when making a decision. Re manufactured
transmissions usually cost around 30-50% higher than rebuilt.

USED TRANSMISSIONS.  We can purchase  used transmissions and
install them but warranties vary greatly. Most  used transmissions only
have a 90 day part only warranty. Labor is not covered if the transmission
fails for any reason. We strongly recommend replacing all the external oil
seal and servicing the filter before installing a used transmission.

Transmission rebuild

The transmissions custom rebuilt here in our shop all receive a master
overhaul kit, torque converter, bands, bushings, filter, internal electronics
and factory recommended or equivalent transmission fluid standard. For
most vehicles this is all that is necessary to bring the transmission back to
factory specification. After we disassemble and inspect all the components
of the transmission any other parts needed such as; pumps, gears, drums
and shafts are then  purchased. The transmission is then thoroughly
cleaned  and reassembled. All vehicles are road tested and adjusted for
proper operation. The vehicles on board computer is checked and cleared
for any transmission related codes.

Removal and installation

If after receiving a diagnosis, you are told that transmission removal is
required for repair, an understanding of this procedure is important. A
quality rebuilt or repaired transmission is only as good as its installation.
R&I procedures are dictated by the type of transmission and vehicle being
worked on (RWD) rear wheel drive. (FWD) Front wheel drive, and (4WD) 4
wheel drive cars and trucks as well as Hybrid vehicles with (CVT)
continuously variable transmissions each need special considerations  
when working on them.

RWD vehicles have a transmission. The differential is at the rear of the
vehicle driven by a drive shaft.

FWD vehicles have a trans axle. The transmission and differential are
integral. Two drive axles turn the wheels at the front of the vehicle.

4WD vehicles have a transmission coupled to a transfer case. The transfer
case transfers power to  the front and rear differentials using Two drive
shafts. Most 4WD vehicles are capable of running in a 2WD mode.

HYBRID vehicles use a combination electric motors and gas engine
usually  coupled to a CVT transmission. Extra care must be taken when
working on these vehicles due to the risk of electrical shock.

CVT vehicles and some ultra low emissions vehicles such as Hybrids
usually have FWD Continuously variable transmission that can seamlessly
change gear ratios according to demand.