Transmission And Auto Repair Coupons

limit 1 per visit, Please call ahead for details and appointments
Competitor coupons welcome.
must present coupon prior to service.

Transmission flush,                 Transmission Service,
  • 16 quarts synthetic ATF
  • computer code check,
  • road test,
  • leak check.
  • 6 qts of synthetic ATF
  • shudder additive  
  • computer code check,
  • road test,
  • leak check.                

$140.00 Plus tax
 Clutch replacement

  • Free Flywheel resurfacing for all applicable                                      
              vehicles with full clutch replacement.  
  • Clutch disc
  • Pressure plate
  • Throw out bearing
  • Pilot bearing
  • Clutch fluid           

$105.00 value
Oil and filter change
  • conventional oil, up to 5 qts with spin on filter - $40.00Plus tax

  • Synthetic oil, up to 5 qts with spin on filter -      $65.00Plus tax
   Includes underhood inspection and tire air pressure adjustment
Combination transmission service and flush special
a $50.00 dollar savings!
DEXTRON VI synthetic universal ATF      
filter and gasket prices vary by vehicle type most domestic and Asian filter kits avg
$30.00. Call for quote.  
$210.00 Plus tax
Most vehicles need new brake pads about every 35,000
miles. When brake components are replaced the brake
lines will need to be purged / bled of air. Brake fluid
absorbs moisture causing rust and corrosion. It makes
sense to flush at this time. This is also a good time to
rotate the tires since they will be removed. Rotating tires
helps them wear evenly and last longer.
Remember to have your brakes checked regularly and
replace them if low. Waiting too long is not only
dangerous but can lead too serious damage to your
rotors and calipers
Free computer  code check and
road test!

Lights bells and whistles?
We can make them go away!

$100.00 Off
Any rebuilt or
Re manufactured
Installed and supplied by
our shop!
Clutch master
cylinder, Slave
cylinder hoses and
lines extra if needed