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Herndon Reston Transmission
4.0 star rating
5 reviews

Jojo W.
This is not your typical auto shop!  These guys are super personable and they know their stuff!  They seem to enjoy what they do and don't
carry the typical 'chip' on their shoulder that you find at other auto repair shops.   They diagnosed and repaired two major issues that another
shop totally missed and they worked with me to find used/rebuilt parts to keep the cost down.   I took my vehicle there twice, once to rebuild
the rear differential and second to replace my supercharger.  Both very good experiences.  I  will be bringing it back to get my shocks
5.0 star rating


Two brothers run this shop and they are very personable. They did a clutch job for us years ago and when the transmission blew on our van,
after shopping around, we decided to go with them. The job took longer than expected (over a week), but we were kept abreast of the
situation. Great price and great customer service, it's been a few months since the fix and so far so good!
5.0 starr rating

Michael H.

Friendly.  Professional.  Owners take pride in their business!  It's very evident!  Main office is kept clean and organized. Thanks for the honest
estimates and for fixing my car!!!  I always feel like I get value for my money.  Never do I feel pressure to get something fixed I don't need.
5.0 star rating

Jonathan K.

Talk about OLD SCHOOL!  Honest, reliable, prompt, accurate and fair are not words usually associated with car repair shops, but Herndon
Reston Transmissions has clearly earned their accolades.

I have used them three times now, once to replace a transmission that had gone bad right after I bought a Jeep Wrangler from CarMax.  They
accurately diagnosed the problem and then worked directly with CarMax to arrange the replacement and even offered the suggestion of my
switching to a different tranny that might last longer.  Also, since they had the Jeep apart, they suggested replacing the clutch (to save me
money in the long run, since I intended to keep the vehicle).  This wasn't a case of up-selling, but rather them offering their advice and
insights, and me making an informed decision.  Yes, I was a very satisfied customer when it was done, paying only the difference in tranny
upgrade and the clutch work.

Then, my daughter had problems with the automatic transmission in her 1999 Ford Explorer and they were able to pinpoint the problem as a
shifting solenoid and promptly replaced the part.  We were good to go.  Instead of a potential massive bill for a replacement transmission,
their honesty and expertise got us out of the shop quickly, for a very reasonable amount.

Just last week, because circumstances had changed, I decided to sell the Jeep and wanted everything on the vehicle fixed and in top shape.  
After got an estimate from a local Jeep dealership (more like a stealership) of more than $1,000 to replace the leaking rear axle seals, I
wanted a second opinion and decided to drive more than 40 miles to have Randy and his guys look at the Jeep.  While they had the Jeep on
the rack, looking it over, they also noticed the rear axle bearings were on their last legs.  Also, the dealer completely missed the leaking
power steering hose (in plain sight if you looked under the Jeep, as the fluid was dripping down). Needless to say, they fixed everything, after
searching for the least expensive parts (from three different sources) for far less than what the dealership wanted for the one repair.

And, while I was waiting, I was able to observe their customer service and came away convinced that if you have transmission, clutch,
differential, drive shaft or axle issues (or, for that matter, general car repair needs), this is an excellent source of great service.

Scott W.

I have a 2005 ford escape and lost 2nd and 4th gear and now have a o/d [overdrive light] flashing at me!!..uugghh!!..called Herndon Reston
transmission and i have a obd  code reader and spoke with Randy about my vehicle and codes p0732 and p0734..he was polite and
discussed with me what i might be up against.So I toke my vehicle there to let him actually diagnois it[trying to diagnois a transmission
problem is impossible over the phone i know this and every other customer should know this as well]however he did give me some info on
what those codes usually mean and what possible scenarios i could see..He was spot on with the gear 2/4 band breaking,car was fixed in
one day,dropped off at opening and picked up at the end of the day completed and shifting great!And i thought I might have to purchase a new
transmission but that was not the case and im so happy about that!!!!...thanks to Randy and his techs at Herndon Reston
Transmission!!!!!...thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim C

These guys are the real deal.  Randy and his team are very honest, very professional, extremely knowledgeable, and very friendly and
customer focused.  They are certainly not your typical "part swapper" repair shop.
I've had 2 vehicles that needed transmission work in the past 8 months.
On my 2005 Silverado, the transmission went out and left me stranded.  I took it Randy who went through it and said it needed a a complete
rebuild.  The job was done in a week for a lot less than I expect.  When I had an issue with the rebuild, Randy determined that a defective
torque converter was used in the rebuild and promptly replaced it at no cost to me.
On my son's 2010 jeep, the transmission needed to be replaced.  Took it to Randy and his team installed a remanufacted unit for $1,600 less
than the Jeep dealer quoted.  The Jeep is running great and my son couldn't be happier.
If you're looking for a transmission shop (or other auto repairs),  I would definitely recommend calling Herndon Reston Transmission!

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User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
by Michael 08/31/2010
Randy and his crew have been great working with my extended warranty company. Very fair, honest, and knowledgeable staff!!

User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
by G 08/24/2010
This shop is a welcome relief in the area. I took my Grand Cherokee to a "reputable" major auto shop a couple miles from them for a solenoid
fix/fluid replacement on my transmission. At 8am they said it was an all day job and quoted $1100 for the fix ($436 in labor alone). Seemed a
bit steep so I spoke with Randy at Herndon Reston Transmission via phone and repeated the items on my quote. He told me $525 and he
could handle it right away. Drove it over and just over an hour later my Jeep was fixed and drives like a charm. Randy (owner) even took the
time to exchange car repair insight/stories while he worked the counter and I waited. Real nice guy, as were his mechanics. They were also
just as personable with all the customers who walked in. It was my first time there and I would definitely go back for general repairs. Having
worked on cars my whole life (don't have a lift for this job), I get a sense you can trust these guys. Thumbs up, and it pays to call around for
2nd quotes! Randy said they specialize in transmissions, but can handle about anything under the car. For the suspecting types who read
these posts, I admit I am one as well. Yet I'm a marketing guy so I want to give them props where they are due. Give them a call, you'll see on
your own.....

User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
by Pleased Customer 08/05/2008
Excellent and very professional service. They have a great staff with knowledge and experience that matters. While they specialize in
Transmissions, they have been very successful fixing just about every other problem with the car (any car).
The job gets done by them very timely and efficiently.

User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
by Sarah 02/10/2007
Honest with Quality Work!: Hands down the best transmission shop in Northern Virginia. Honest with quality work! They also do general auto


5 stars
Provided by Posted by i8thelastcooke on 03/03/2008

I called on the phone after looking them up in the Yellow pages, and asked them a few questions. They answered my questions with respect
and kindness. I came in the next day to see if they could fix my car up, unlike the other transmission shop I went to. The other shop had given
me a unfair price, and fixed my problems with "band aids". Their price was fair, and now i don't use anyone else when it comes to my car.:)
Thank You

Report Date: April 02, 2012
Member: Maureen Woods
3826 Dittany Ct.
CHANTILLY, VA 20151Category: Auto transmission services Performed: Yes* More Weight is given to a report where work has been
Work Completed Date: February 14, 2012Hire Again: yes approximate Cost: $200.00Description Of Work: They replaced a pressure detection
switch in the automatic transmission of my 2003 Honda CR-VMember Comments: I checked Angie's List for a reliable service provider and
called several. Herndon Transmission sounded the friendliest and had good reviews. I dropped the car off on the way to work but stayed long
enough to tell them about the symptoms. Then I went to work without leaving the ignition key! I thought for sure I would have to leave the car
another day but somehow they figured out how to fix it even without the key. Obviously they know their stuff. I'm glad I took my car to them.
The repair was reasonable and the service was great.

Overall A
Price A
Quality A
Responsiveness A
Punctuality A
Professionalism A


Report Date: March 03, 2012
Member: Ray Howell
3705 S. george Mason Dr., #715-S
FALLS CHURCH, VA 22041Category: Auto transmission services Performed: No* More Weight is given to a report where work has been
Work Completed Date: February 28, 2012Hire Again: yes description Of Work:
Diagnosed the vehicle problem.
Member Comments: As it turns out, my 2004 Isuzu Axiom had a seized engine and not a transmission problem. However, Randy promptly and
professional diagnosed the problem and gave me options.  Unfortunately, the vehicle wasn't worth fixing, but Randy worked with me to
handle the paperwork to donate the vehicle to Purple Heart Cars.  In my estimation he went well above and beyond in helping me out, whether
it was removing the license plates or holding the paperwork for the towing company.  I would highly recommend Herndon Reston
Transmission, and if I ever have another transmission problem they will be the ones I bring it to.

Overall A
Price N/A
Quality N/A
Responsiveness A
Punctuality A
Professionalism A


Report Date: January 25, 2012
Member: Cathy Downs
12922 Lyme Bay Drive
Herndon, VA 20171Category: Auto service services Performed: Yes* More Weight is given to a report where work has been completed.
Work Completed Date: January 25, 2012Last Modified Date: January 25, 2012Hire Again: yes approximate Cost: $150.00Description Of Work:
After having a great experience with my daughter's car, I brought my husband's Subaru Forester in for a second opinion.  In response to a
check engine light, we took the Forester into the shop that we normally use.  The diagnosis was a faulty O2 sensor.  We had it replaced for
$611.00.  The very NEXT day the check engine light came on again.  Thinking that it was just a minor problem with the service we had the day
before, we took the Forester back in and found that a second O2 sensor needed to be replaced for another $600+.  When we picked up the
car, I asked why we were not counseled that the second sensor could go right away and saved us part of the labor costs?  We were told that
there were Two more sensors that would probably be going soon and that they would replace thee for $800 if we had them both done at the
same time and soon.  We were just floored and consulted a friend who is very knowledgeable about car repairs.  He suggested we go back
to Herndon Reston Transmission and see if they could recommend another service station to take a look at the Forester.  I took the receipts
from he 02 sensor work done by the first shop to HRT and discussed the situation.  They took the car back into the shop and put it up the lift.  
After a shop exam, the co-owner of the shop asked me to come back to the shop and look under the car.  He pointed out one 02 sensor that
had been replaced.  He pointed out a second 02 sensor that had been replaced but then he pointed out that the car only HAD Two sensors not
four.  He showed me where some Foresters had Two other sensor but said that our car did not have them.  He saved me $800 right there.  
But when he pulled the car in he noticed a loud noise coming from under the hood before even putting it up on the lift.  He popped the hood
and examined the AC idler pulley right there in front of me.  He listened to it using a specialized stethoscope. He said that the idler pulley was
going bad and should be replaced before it broke apart and sent little parts through out the AC system which would be very costly to repair.  
The estimate for this service was only $136.00.  I was very pleased to get a heads up on the needed repair.  We had heard the noise but did
not know what it Was member Comments: It went great and we are so pleased to have found an honest service provider.  


Overall A
Price A
Quality A
Responsiveness A
Punctuality A
Professionalism A


Description Of Work: Dropped transmission, inspected and replaced broken servo

Member Comments: My 2003 Ford Explorer, like many of that vintage, began to have transmission issues. I lost 2nd and 5th gears. I took
it to my usual mechanic, who inspected the transmission and told me I needed a new transmission for $4400. I called Randy and right on the
phone he discussed the range of issues that could be causing the problem, noting that they could not pinpoint the problem until they looked
at it. Randy also noted that, if a new transmission was needed, it would cost me $3200. After he inspected the transmission, it turned out all I
needed was a new servo that cost me $366. Needless to say, should I ever have a transmission or other issue with my car that requires an
honest opinion, it is going to Randy's shop.


Description Of Work: Rebuilt my transmission & replaced my transmission cooler

Member Comments: The folks were great to work with. They checked out my transmission thoroughly, made sure what the fix needed to
be and double checked their work which is where they found I needed a new trans cooler. I would gladly work with them again.  Concerns?
Please tell us!

Description Of Work: The technical diagnosis based on the computer code indicated that the transmission needed a replacement valve body
control solenoid. Randy explained that the only way to truly confirm the computer diagnosis was to open up the transmission, inspect the
main components and then make the final diagnosis based on that inspection. If there were no other problems (like metal filings or broken
parts inside the transmission), then he would replace the valve body and that should fix the problem.

Member Comments: Very well. Randy is a "straight up" guy who tells you exactly what he thinks about your car and offers appropriate
recommendations. The work was done on time and the car has worked perfectly since the repair. Of note, Randy has arranged a special rate
with a local car rental company so that it makes it easier to leave your car there for a couple days (which is what it took for the repair).

Description Of Work: Replaced converter clutch solenoid on a 2000 Dodge Caravan.

Member Comments: I called them after my regular mechanic, always good in the past, told me I would need a rebuilt transmission. When
I called, Randy was very informative over the phone, explaining that a rebuilt transmission would not be needed if I was right about the
solenoid. He was respectful, friendly, and forthright in letting me know the range of possibilities, including possible delays, in advance. For
after-hours drop-offs, they provide envelopes on which I could write a description of what was wrong and they have a secure drop in the
door. As it happened, all went well, and my car came back to me in one day. My car is back to normal. He also gave me a heads up about a
possible problem with my AC. I would definitely return to them for transmission service in the future.
Michael H.
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